Highway Seasonings Delta-9 Seasoning

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Highway Seasonings are made using natural ingredients and are carefully crafted to deliver a delicious taste without any unpleasant THC aftertaste. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of THC without having to compromise on taste, which is why they have made it their mission to create blends that are both effective and delicious. Properly dosed for optimal user experience with 2.5 mg of Delta-9 THC per gram of seasoning.

Good Good Garlic Salt - This delicious garlic salt blend is your new best friend. From Italian food, to American food… From French fries to burgers. This wonderful blend is so good, they had to say it twice. It’s good good. 420 mg of Delta-9 THC in the entire 6 oz container

Kickin' Cowboy - This carefully crafted blend of seasonings is the perfect side-kick for grill masters, food enthusiasts, and commercial use. With high-quality, gourmet ingredients, this blend will make you beg for more. 250 mg of Delta-9 THC in the entire 6 oz container

Tokin' Taco - This delicious texas style taco-mix is the perfect party dish. With 100mg per packet, this is the perfect amount to elevate a party. In addition to tacos, this can also be used to season chicken, make dips, or add to queso. 100 mg of Delta-9 THC in the entire 2 oz container

Twisted Cinnamon - This well-balanced blend of cinnamon is the perfect topper for desserts, holiday cocktails, snicker-doodle cookies, or even cereal. 375 mg of Delta-9 THC in the entire 6 oz container

Warning: As this product contains federally legal hemp-derived delta-9-THC, it will cause a positive result on a drug test.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat and light. Keep away from children.