Habit Sleepy Time Delta-9:CBN Gummies

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Similar to 3Chi's Comfortably Numb gummies, these gummies are all about a good night rest. Habit CBD's Sleepy Time Gummies have 10 mg of Delta-9 THC and 15 mg of CBN in each gummy. Each bag has 20 gummies for a total of 200 mg of Delta-9 THC and 300 mg of CBN. 

Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Distilled Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Hemp Extract, Natural Flavor, and Color Added. Contains No Know Allergens. 


Warning: As this product contains federally legal hemp-derived delta-9-THC, it will cause a positive result on a drug test.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat and light. Keep away from children.