How to buy high quality CBD Oil

Apr 30th 2020

How to buy high-quality CBD OilUpdated: Dec 4, 2019What to look out for and what to avoid. We will cover a few things to keep in mind when purchasing CBD Oil and other products.Cannabidiol, also kno … read more

​Discussing your CBD options

Dec 6th 2019

Discussing your CBD optionsUpdated: Dec 6, 2019By Lilly LemonsWhen incorporating CBD into your diet and daily routine, there are many ways to achieve over-all wellness. Since everyone's body is differ … read more

CBD Routines for Self-Care

Posted by The Emerald Medicine Company Team on Dec 5th 2019

At Emerald Medicine Company we have found each person is different in finding what works best for them. Some people prefers smokable items such as the Hemp flower, but that can be inconvenient to use … read more

CBD Pet Care

Posted by The Emerald Medicine Company Online Team on Dec 4th 2019

CBD Pet CareWhat to know and look out for when purchasing CBD products for your pets.In this new and growing industry, finding what products are best for your pet can get confusing. Generally you will … read more

CBD and Workout Recovery

Posted by The Emerald Medicine Company Team on Dec 4th 2019

CBD helps reduce soreness while aiding in muscle recovery because of the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system.Regardless of how fit you are, from time to time you simply feel it after a ex … read more