Purocanna Cannarillos

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A great Cannagar starts out with the highest quality American grown hemp flowers, hand-selected for their taste and aroma. Only whole flowers are used in our Cannagars, no stems, no seeds, no trim, ever! The buds are ground up and carefully rolled in a hemp leaf wrapped and finished with a glass mouthpiece for the smoothest pulls you’ll ever experience.

Each pack contains (1) two gram blunt.

Cannabinoid Content:

  • 185 mg D8 per joint
  • 99 mg CBD per joint
  • less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Warning: As this product contains federally legal hemp-derived delta-8-THC, an isomer of THC, it may cause a positive result on a drug test.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat and light. Keep away from children.