​Discussing your CBD options

Dec 6th 2019

Discussing your CBD options

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

By Lilly Lemons

When incorporating CBD into your diet and daily routine, there are many ways to achieve over-all wellness. Since everyone's body is different, it's a good idea to experience the many facets of hemp and then focus on your most beneficial method of application.

Try to experience the wide range of options available to you when it comes to hemp. Different applications will fit your lifestyle better than others.

Cannabidiol is a very versatile alternative medicine. It can be added to a wide range of products beyond being found naturally in hemp flower. From tinctures to capsules to edibles or beauty products and even nasal sprays, your options are vast in finding the best application for yourself.

What options are available for me?


When smoking the hemp flower or vaporizing it in its concentrated form like cartridges, the effects are almost instantaneous and the benefits usually last around 2-3 hours or longer. This form of application should be approached on an as-needed basis. Whether you start your day with an energizing Sativa, end your day with a relaxing Indica or just using hemp to quickly return to sleep, this fast acting practice can easily fit into your routine.


If you're opposed to the idea of smoking or vaping, rest easy knowing that tinctures, capsules and edibles are just as effective and even have longer lasting benefits. As it processes within your liver it actually becomes much more potent. Through digestion, you will notice the benefits within 1-2 hours and maintain relief for 8-12 hours. To receive the most relief when using CBD self-care it's important to dose yourself twice daily for the first week. The average dose for beginners is generally recommended to be 25 - 50mg of CBD. Once in the morning and again before bed. After a week of self-care you should be able to start noticing the amount of CBD you might need to find the benefits you're looking for.


If you'd prefer a more non-invasive approach, you can use CBD oil as a topical by directly rubbing it on to specific areas of the body. The method of self-care has the potential to relieve aches, sooth skin conditions and reduce inflammation. Once applied liberally to the skin, you will begin to notice the benefits within an hour and continue to notice the effects for 2-3 hours. When adding this method to your routine it's important to remember to apply your oil, balm, gel, lotion or cream moments after your first hot shower of the day, while your pores are open and ready to receive. After your initial application it can be used as needed. 

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