CBD Routines for Self-Care

Posted by The Emerald Medicine Company Team on Dec 5th 2019

At Emerald Medicine Company we have found each person is different in finding what works best for them. Some people prefers smokable items such as the Hemp flower, but that can be inconvenient to use during work for instance. Tinctures are usually a convenient and discreet option that is easy to dose anytime or anywhere. Capsules or edibles items can be a preferred option for someone looking for a longer lasting effects, but the onset can be a little long for someone looking for more instant anxious thought relief. Topicals can be a great option for providing targeted relief at the site causing you trouble, but topicals don't hit you on a deeper, systemic level like the tinctures or edibles.

Lazarus Naturals, states the benefits can be noticed between 4-6 hours. Most people will use the tincture twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night so the benefits can carry throughout the day.

Edibles or Capsules will provide a "slow-burn" effect that some people prefer. Edibles or Capsules are another convenient and discrete option that is easy to travel with and administer your dose anywhere. Because it's going through the digestive system the onset is upwards to an hour or two, but you also get the longest lasting effects. Benefits can be seen for 8 hours or longer. Although the body's absorption rate for capsules and edibles is on the lower side compared to smoking or tinctures. It can be a great option for someone wanting to incorporate CBD into their multivitamin routine.

Topicals can be a perfect choice for someone looking for external targeted relief. Topicals work by responding to CB1 and CB2 receptors found in your skin. The product won’t enter the bloodstream. So a topical CBD product isn’t designed to address systemic problem, but it may help directly on the skin. In addition to inflammatory issues, topical CBD products are geared to help people with dry and irritated skin issues.