CBD Pet Care

Posted by The Emerald Medicine Company Online Team on Dec 4th 2019

CBD Pet Care

What to know and look out for when purchasing CBD products for your pets.

In this new and growing industry, finding what products are best for your pet can get confusing. Generally you will want to follow the same guidelines, laid out in this blog post, when purchasing CBD products for yourself. The biggest difference will be dosing amounts and finding a tasty flavor your pet will enjoy!

If, however, you want guidance from a veterinarian about CBD for your pet, you'll have to start the conversation. Most states and associations haven't opened up yet to discussing cannabis treatments with pets.

Our furry friends, like cats and dogs, have the same Cannabinoid receptors that we do, so they respond in similar ways. Helping your pet find relief can be as easy as adding the CBD Oil to their food or giving them a daily treat. There are also topical options available like creams and shampoos to help with skin issues.

How to properly dose your pet

Just like CBD brands for humans, the dosing per dropper and recommended dose vary greatly between brands. We will use two examples, from products we carry, to give an idea about recommended amounts based of your pets weight.

The first is Lazarus Naturals, they provide two options for your pets. The Calming Pet Tincture is a full spectrum product that has the legal, trace amounts of THC. Your pet may be sensitive to the small amounts of THC and you may find it makes them too lethargic. So Lazarus Naturals also provides a Sensitive Pet Tincture that is CBD isolate based and THC free. For the Lazarus Naturals Pet Tincture they recommend 3 drop for less than 15 lbs, 6 drops for 15 to 30 lbs, 10 drops for 30 to 60 lbs and 20 drops for over 60lbs.

Another brand we carry is Cannabidiol Life. Their line of pet tinctures called "Happy Pawz" uses organic wild alaskan salmon oil along with the hemp extract and non-GMO organic coconut oil. Their brand bases the dosing off weight as well, but approach it slightly different than Lazarus Naturals. They carry 3 options. One is 250mg Small Pets, 500mg Medium Pets and 750mg Large Pets. For each bottle they recommend 2ml or 2 full droppers a day. We add 1ml to our dogs food in the morning and night. The small size pet is for pets 1-12lbs, the medium size is for 13-65lbs and the large is for 65+lbs.

As always, stick with brands or companies that provide lab reports and have 3rd party testing. Start with the lowest recommended dose and adjust accordingly as you monitor your pet. The unique thing with cats or dogs is that there really isn't a placebo effect. You generally can see first hand if it's making a difference or not.